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Best Buy Case Study

telling a consistent

brand story through

digital/social networking

for increasing brand awareness, product & service sales,

new lead generations, and

delivering promotional messages

first, create content that

supports your brand message

content: what’s new, updates, info,

share links, contests, promotions

videos: storytelling, testimonials, interviews, product & service demos, info graphics, animation

images: photos: your employees, products, services, customers

share content on your website via monitors, tablets, computers, smartphones

and keep consistently sharing on

the top 15 social networks,

blogs, email blasts, during events,

because if you aren’t telling your brand story through social networks, others will

Best Buy: a case study

telling a consistent brand story through digital/social networks

main website

1 | Facebook: the most popular

social networking site  750 m

2 | YouTube: world's largest video site & 2nd largest search engine  450 m

3 | Twitter: over 340 million tweets, 1.6 billion searches a day  250 m

4 | LinkedIn Company Profile

professional networking  110 m

     LinkedIn Groups: keeping

     alumni & employees in touch

5 | Flickr: embed images

in blogs and social media   90 m

6 | Pinterest: newest and fastest growing social community   85 m

7 | Instagram: great for hosting

a photo contest  80 m

8 | Blogger: from Google, posting photos & texts via phone  75 m

9 | Vimeo: garnering traffic

alongside YouTube  70 m

10 | Google+: world's largest search engine, distributing content to billions  65 m

11 | Myspace: 5th most popular social site, focuses mostly on music  70 m

12 | Foursquare: loyalty card service, users leave tips to help future visitors

13 | Picasa: photo editor

and organizer from Google

14 | Quora: Question & Answer site edited by users

15 | Orkut: the most visited site in Brazil, India and Japan; by Google

Vine: #1 app in iTunes,

most popular app outside of gaming

eMail blasts: directly targeting

your contacts

events trade shows exhibits that’s telling a consistent brand story through digital/social networking

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